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Rob Henriksen is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who grew up in Braintree, MA and now resides is Rockland, MA with his wife Cheryl. Acoustic guitar is Rob's main instrument. He also plays banjo, mandolin, and harmonica.


Rob’s love of music began at an early age.  His earliest musical memories are listening to his father's Willie Nelson Greatest Hits album, and getting his first cassette in third grade, Van Halen, 1984.


Rob enjoys listening to many genres of music.  His solo work is a mix of americana, bluegrass, and country.  Rob's songs are emotional and personal as he draws from his feelings and experiences.


Rob recorded his first EP “Balance” in early 2021 and went on to self-release it on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms.

"Henriksen’s guitar is full and rich, and he plays it in true bluegrass-folk fashion" Freeman (2021, April 12)

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